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Having a baby?   Call today for to meet the doctor and staff prior to your delivery.  Schedule a prenatal visit to come see us anytime during your pregnancy.  Also visit our newborn page for some helpful advice to prepare yourself as your date approaches.  We look forward to seeing your new bundle of joy!

Welcome New Patients

Summer is around the corner!  Check out our summer health tips for some helpful health advice about sunscreen use and mosquito avoidance.  We anticipate having some abbreviated hours during the summer.  Our Facebook page is updated routinely about changes in office hours, so follow us for regular updates.

Some helpful advice and information about COVID 19 can be found on our facebook page here.  We are here as your healthcare professional to help and provide useful information. Contact us if you have any questions about how to protect yourself and your family.

Telemedicine visits are now live.  Please keep in mind, certain issues will still require a traditional in office visit.  As with any new service, be patient with us as we work through any issues.  Click the drop down Telemedicine tab under The Practice above or click here for more information.  If you are ready to schedule a telemedicine visit, click here.

Need to Make a Payment?

Interested in online access to your child's health records?

Our electronic medical records system allows us to offer a patient portal, which when accessed will permit a parent to view appointments, medication history, shot records, and more..  Just let any of our staff know you're interested; enrolling is simple!

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Concerned about your child's behavior or school performance?  Understood.org is an informative website for parents who have concerns about their child's inattentiveness or learning difficulties, among other things.  Check it out or call today to speak with one of our providers.

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Debating what extracurricular activity in which to enroll your child?  What about music?  

Strong evidence exists how playing an instrument helps to stimulate brain development.

Youth League Sports or School Athletics/ROTC?

Call today and schedule your physical!

Cash paying for your scripts? Save money and try Good Rx on your smartphone >>

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