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Is it difficult to become a doctor?  Does it cost a lot of money?  Don't you have to go to school forever?  These are common questions asked about our profession on a regular basis.  Here are a few tips if you're child is thinking about becoming a physician.

Encourage the importance of doing well in school early, even in kindergarten. Incentivize good performance, both with behavior and grades.  Do not just give your children rewards indiscriminately, tie it to how they are performing.  Rewards equals privileges, from toys to watching TV, from playing sports to going to their favorite drive through.  Doing well academically should be the axis around which everything else revolves.  It is all too common for school performance to take a back burner to other extracurricular activities that although play some importance, should only be allowed if children are doing well in school.

Introduce the concept of science early.  Being selective about types of youtube videos, a trip to a local zoo or the Texas State Aquarium or even the beach to search for shells, there are simple ways to get started.  Taking care of an animal can stimulate a child's interest in biology.  

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