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In these uncertain times, it is important to have easy but trustworthy access to your child's healthcare provider.  We are proud to now offer telemedicine visits which allow our providers to maintain continuity of health services but limit potential exposure to unknown illnesses.  If you are unable to physically come to one of our locations, we can now provide advice, diagnose certain conditions, and prescribe medications if necessary through a secure video-audio interface. 


​Here are our current requirements:

  • Signed informed consent for telemedicine services (here)

  • Reliable internet access

  • Smartphone, laptop, or desktop with usable microphone

  • Ability to use PayPal to pay for services (if applicable)

  • Previously established care at one of our offices and seen within the previous 6 months (certain exceptions may apply)

Here is the out of pocket cost:

  • No cost if current coverage under Medicaid and we are your child's PCP

  • Applicable office copay if current commercial coverage

  • Hard cap of $50 per visit (cash paying patients and patients with high deductibles or copays will pay no more than $50)

Presently, we offer telemedicine visits during our regular office hours with limited availability.  We also plan to offer Saturday morning telemedicine hours.  Please note, certain conditions (at our professional discretion) will require a traditional office visit.  Hopefully this service will make addressing your child's healthcare needs easier and more accessible as well as limiting anxiety about illness exposure and missing work and school.  If you are ready to schedule a telemedicine appointment, click here.

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